January 20, 2021

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Ben Hurlbut Ÿ Arizona State University

2 min read

The CRISPR meeting has started off wonderfully with a talk by Ben Hurlbut. His talk was entitled, “The Demands of CRISPR’s World: Imagination, Deliberation and Governance”. Since I took notes and listened this post is somewhat freeform. I liked how Ben asked a lot of questions. What is “CRISPR’s world” as Science Magazine called it? How do we want to use the capability of CRISPR? Ben made a comparison to nuclear physics and the development and use of atomic bombs. He quoted throughout his talk …Read More

1 min read

Several of us here at UC Davis and other Northern California institutions have worked together to organize a unique symposium on CRISPR and genetic modification. You are invited to attend the free meeting, which will take place on May 26th. You can register here. We will cover CRISPR ethics, policy, and law as they relate both to modification of humans and other organisms. We have a wonderful lineup of speakers that include a diverse panel of scientists, policy makers, and at least one patient. You …Read More