January 27, 2021

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Here are some stem cell reads for the weekend, ranging from media to research articles. TGIF! What are your stem cell or other science weekend reads? Let’s start with how difficult it is to make IPS cells from naked mole rats! Naked Mole Rat Cells Have a Stable Epigenome that Resists iPSC Reprogramming. It takes more than OSKM to make naked mole rat IPSCs. Throwing in SV40 LT helps, etc. Regeneration is cool & we are getting to understand it better, Study first to identify the cells …Read More

2 min read

If you garden long enough you may start to see some cool critters. We had an unusually wet winter and very hot, dry summer here in Davis, CA. Maybe it’s coincidence, but the range of creatures in my garden seems different. For instance, I’ve been seeing much bigger dragon flies this year and a lot more lizards. A few days ago I saw a very unusual lizard (see above). What a tail! What gene expression makes that unusual tail? The reddish color of the …Read More

2 min read

Irv Weissman’s lab came out with a very intriguing paper in Nature this week on regeneration and something called a blastema. It is not exactly on regenerative medicine of the kind we think about using exogenous stem cells, but more about how we might tap into nature’s own program for regeneration by studying other “lower” organisms that make us seem very weak by comparison when we think of regenerative power. In fact many animals have the ability to regenerate parts of their bodies, particularly …Read More