January 28, 2021

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2 min read

It’s been a cool week for stem cell and other associated kinds of research. In this post I have a series of links to a variety of interesting developments and papers. Gene therapy cures bubble boy infants. William Wan over at the WaPo on this good news. Nope, this wasn’t done with CRISPR, but rather with a viral transgene approach (not TALENs as I mistakenly had originally written here). “The pigs were dead. But four hours later, scientists restored cellular functions in their brains”. This …Read More

3 min read

Why do people have such a big brain compared to other animals? Vertebrate embryonic development is a highly conserved process, particularly in the earliest phases. (note: you may find this September 2020 post on regulation of bee brain size to be interesting.) A wide variety of vertebrate animals including humans start out with embryonic body plans that are similar. However, somewhere along the way, the ratio of the mass of the human brain/total body mass becomes very unusual, in fact completely unique. What is the …Read More