January 27, 2021

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California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

2 min read

The California Stem Cell Agency, better known by the acronym CIRM, has done a vast amount of good over the past decade and a half, and today it needs your help for the future. CIRM, which stands for the “California Institute for Regenerative Medicine”, has funded a huge array of stem cell and other research projects. The CIRM of today and the future primarily supports clinical trial efforts aimed at finding new treatments and even cures for many serious illnesses. These efforts now even …Read More

4 min read

For a long time at the end of each year, I’ve been making stem cell predictions for the coming year. Most often I’ve been making a “top 20” list of predictions and today’s post has my list for 2019. You can see how I did for 2018 here, which might have been my best year ever for predictions. We’ll see if I can match that here for 2019. I doubt it. However, I do think my prediction that 2019 will be the worst year …Read More

3 min read

It’s stem cell day! Or more accurately, it is stem cell awareness day. It’s a good time to think about where our field stands and where we’ll be in 10 years. Below, I’ve outlined 10 for 10: 10 things to ponder about stem cells in a 10-year timeframe. Approved Therapies. How many new stem cell therapies will be approved as safe and effective in 10 years? I hope at least 10! These may include proven transformative regenerative medicine treatments for macular degeneration, Type 1 …Read More

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The stem cell clinic trial being run by Asterias Biotherapeutics for spinal cord injury (SCI) reported (via CIRM) some preliminary very good news as it is so far seems safe and will be expanded to involve more patients. In the next phase, reportedly “Asterias is now looking to enroll 5-8 patients for this 20 million cell phase.” You can also read the company’s PR on this development here. CIRM’s report by Kevin McCormack on this advance also included a window into the personal story of …Read More