January 15, 2021

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caloric restriction stem cells

4 min read

What might be some natural stem cell boosts? How might we all increase the number or helpful activities of our own stem cells? If possible isn’t that a better, simpler, & safer idea than getting a transplant of stem cells? Think of it as preventative medicine via stem cells. Note that this post was updated in May 2020. It’s not a sure thing by any means. And, yeah, it is not as simple as asking for a free or super boost in your Jamba …Read More

4 min read

The notion of caloric restriction (CR) as a means to prolong human life is intriguing. The basic idea of CR is that if you eat a lot less than the average person you’ll live longer. You might even live a higher quality, healthier life. But is this true? (update: see my newer post on 5 possible natural stem cell boosts). A whole bunch of scientists and even more dieting monkeys have been part of a very large, very expensive (as in millions of dollars; …Read More