September 24, 2020

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Many of this The Niche‘s readers ask about what my own lab’s research. What is the focus of the research of the Knoepfler Lab? You can go check out our lab website, but I thought it might be time to blog about what we are all about as a lab and what we have been up to most recently. I am fortunate to have an exceptional team of researchers in my lab. Our mission is to advance knowledge toward two main goals: (1) the …Read More

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In about a month my new book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, should be available as an e-book from the publisher and from Amazon. It’s available for pre-order now at Amazon here. The “real” book (i.e. the one made of paper) should be available in September. The book costs $29. Any writers out there interested in doing a review please contact me. As I’ve said before, I wrote this book in part because I wanted to learn more about stem cells and had gone looking in …Read More

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Hi everyone, St. Baldrick’s is the top children’s cancer foundation and does amazing work for kids with cancer and their families. Their top fundraising event is a head-shaving program where people make pledges in support of a “shavee” who gets their head shaved in solidarity with kids with cancer who often lose their hair due to treatment. I’ve formed a St. Baldrick’s UC Davis School of Medicine fundraising team and I’m also a shavee myself this year. I did it last year too and was …Read More

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Recently I spoke about cancer stem cells at a retreat. The presentation style was informal and enjoyable as it allowed for people to talk frankly about topics. It encouraged questions and outside-the-box thinking. As I was eating some yogurt at breakfast at the meeting awaiting my turn to speak, I decided I would scrawl my top 3 issues for the cancer stem cell field. I couldn’t do it on a back of a napkin since I didn’t have one, so I did it on …Read More