November 23, 2020

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Cancer Survivors

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What’s on my mind today on National Cancer Survivors Day as a cancer survivor? 2009 was a bad year for me as in the spring my dad died and then in the fall I was diagnosed with a very serious form of prostate cancer out of the blue at age 42. I then had surgery. The cancer itself made me feel physically sick, but also going through the whole experience including the shock of the diagnosis with a potentially fatal illness and the surgery …Read More

2 min read

I recently did a post on the top 10 cancer myths out there and got some great feedback including some readers pointing out additional important myths. Here are some additional cancer myths. 1) The government and/or big pharma have cures for cancer, but they are hiding them from us so they can make more money from the existing drugs they sell people. This is a major myth and very harmful. If anyone has real cures or even very effective treatments for cancer, believe me …Read More