January 27, 2021

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Cell Surgical Network SVF

4 min read

I’ve really enjoyed day 2 of ISSCR 2014. So far this day has already packed in a slew of great talks both in the lecture halls and outside one-on-one with old friends and new ones. How great is that? I’ll focus on just a few highlights to keep it concise. Dubious stem cell clinics and the FDA: a match not made in heaven? The ISSCR conference day started off a session entitled “Therapies in the Clinic” and my colleague Leigh Turner kicked things off with a …Read More

2 min read

A big, fat elephant in “the room” of the commercial stem cell field today is something called stromal vascular fraction or SVF, made from human fat tissue or adipose. If you care at all about stem cells or the stem cell field more generally, you had better educate yourself on SVF. You can learn a lot more here and in my new book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide where I extensively discuss SVF, talk about the protocol to make it, and include the nifty diagram …Read More