January 21, 2021

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CIRM Bridges Program

1 min read

The stem cell arena is a complicated universe with a whole range of things going on at any one time and there’s usually ample negative things, but not all is bad news. It’s interesting to regularly look specifically at the good stem cell news out there. Below is a look at some top pieces of good stem cell news and interesting recent papers. Ottawa to invest $20M in stem cell research  Piwi maintains germline stem cells and oogenesis in Drosophila through negative regulation of …Read More

4 min read

CIRM issued a press release (PR) a few days ago unveiling CIRM 2.0, a new form of the agency and funding of novel efforts. The PR focused on action by its Governing Board to fund three Alpha Clinic programs for $8 million each at City of Hope (LA), UCLA, and UCSD. The Alpha Clinics will make a huge difference in moving clinical stem cell research forward. The only potential hiccup in this exciting development is that the three Alpha Clinics are all within a very …Read More