November 28, 2020

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CIRM Institute of Medicine

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I attended the CIRM Board meeting yesterday in Berkeley in which they discussed what actions to take in response to a review of CIRM by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). After having a bit of time now to digest all that happened, I think this is the biggest development for CIRM in many years. The CIRM Board voted to approve in bulk a series of changes to CIRM including most dramatically to drop the voting rights of the 13 Board members from UC institutions. …Read More

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I made it here in one piece to Berkeley at the Claremont Hotel driving through torrential rain to get here for the CIRM Board Meeting discussing the recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on CIRM. The Board is in intensive discussion as I type. Some members seem more in favor of change and others are more reluctant. I’m more of the opinion that the IOM  got it wrong on most issues. Still many I’ve talked with believe that CIRM needs to craft some kind …Read More