January 20, 2021

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clone John Lennon

3 min read

Cloning of animals is becoming a big, global business. It turns out that this reproductive cloning of animals goes well beyond making duplicates of pets for sentimental customers at $100,000 a copy. Cloning of livestock by agribusinesses is becoming fairly common. Some are also trying to de-extinct woolly mammoths by cloning too, something that I oppose (see top 5 reasons why it might be a really bad idea) even though admittedly it sounds pretty cool. More broadly, factory-scale production of copied animals is an expanding business. …Read More

3 min read

There is a lot of talk about cloning celebrities so could we be seeing John Lennon again in the form of a clone? If a Canadian dentist named Michael Zuk has his way, the late Beatle may be back. In his quest to get back Lennon, Zuk reportedly purchased an old molar that once had its home in Lennon’s mouth even as he sang all those famous Beatles’ tunes. At least this is according to the rock solid bastion of media factuality, The NY …Read More