January 21, 2021

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Sounds recommended weekend reads for you to enjoy since it is Friday and almost the weekend including stem cells, CRISPR, cats, cloning, and more. Holy GMO, China wants to buy Syngenta. RetractionWatch says that Macchiarini will soon be out at Karolinska. For more on this “super surgeon” who used stem cells, see here regarding recent Vanity Fair Expose. David Jensen on CIRM and human genetic modification: no germline work funded now, but possible in the future. This is pretty awesome. Canadian ‘dream team’ to probe stem-cell …Read More

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Cloning of animals is becoming a big, global business. It turns out that this reproductive cloning of animals goes well beyond making duplicates of pets for sentimental customers at $100,000 a copy. Cloning of livestock by agribusinesses is becoming fairly common. Some are also trying to de-extinct woolly mammoths by cloning too, something that I oppose (see top 5 reasons why it might be a really bad idea) even though admittedly it sounds pretty cool. More broadly, factory-scale production of copied animals is an expanding business. …Read More

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Is it really deja vu all over again with allegations of potential wrongdoing in a paper on human cloning? “Say it isn’t so!”, is basically the universal reaction I’m getting from people in the stem cell field. Well, sadly it seems to be so folks. What’s going on? Allegations have emerged on a website called PubPeer (a post-publication review kind of website) about the recent Cell paper by the Mitalipov lab on human therapeutic cloning. A person called “Peer 1” has pointed out alleged …Read More

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We had the big news last week that for the first time ever, human embryo cloning (aka “therapeutic cloning”) worked to produce apparently normal embryonic stem cells. I posted about it a few times here, here, and here. I have tried my best to be factual, open minded, and realistic about the issues. Frankly, the stem cell field as a whole has done mostly a lousy job handling the human cloning dialogue sparked by the publication of the therapeutic cloning paper last week. It …Read More

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The headline reads: ‘Adventurous’ woman sought to carry Neanderthal baby Supposedly Harvard Geneticist George Church, according to Der Spiegel magazine (and gazillions of other mainstream media outlets that translated the German piece including here), wants to clone a Neanderthal baby using an unholy combination of stem cell and genetics technologies. The only problem is that Church has indicated that the German magazine and their reporter seem to have gotten the story all wrong, perhaps via problems with translation. In fact, Church says, he is not …Read More