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Where are all the new CRISPR human embryo papers?

August 25, 2016 admin 4

Last year I heard from several sources that there somewhere between 3-5 unpublished manuscripts reporting the use of CRISPR gene targeting in human embryos being shopped around at various journals in addition to the one that had been published. Since that […]

egg cracking

Hint for $250 Easter egg in GMO Sapiens #CRISPR book

July 19, 2016 admin 0

Want $250 as well as at least a sliver of science-related glory? Within my new book GMO Sapiens on CRISPR and human genetic modification, I’ve hidden a scientific Easter egg. There’s more Easter egg info over here including the rules. If you […]

GMO Corn, GMO People

Anti-GMO poster in Switzerland invokes human GMOs

May 24, 2016 admin 1

Over on Twitter Magdalena Plotczyk (@MPlotczyk) posted a striking photo of an anti-GMO poster from Lausanne, Switzerland. The top part of the poster translates as, “‘After GMO corn, GMO children?’” As readers of this blog know, I do have concerns about the eventual […]