December 4, 2020

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Dennis Normile

4 min read

Scientist He Jiankui(贺建奎) has been sentenced to 3 years in prison by Chinese authorities. Two collaborators also will go to jail. A piece in Science by Dennis Normile on the sentencing of He Jiankui ID’d the other two: “His collaborators were identified as Zhang Renli, of a medical institution in Guangdong province, and Qin Jinzhou, from a Shenzhen medical institution.” Is this jail term an appropriate or even positive outcome here all things considered? Over the top? Dr. He became known colloquially as “the CRISPR baby guy” …Read More

3 min read

Remember that old TV show the Odd Couple with very proper Felix Unger and his polar opposite Oscar Madison who has all kinds of baggage? They’ve cloned it into a remake to be on TV soon here in the US in 2015. It seems only fitting then that actual human cloning research has a new odd couple of a sorts of its own as well. One part of this pairing is Woo Suk Hwang, who is most well known for past fraudulent and unethical …Read More

3 min read

There was a Twitter buzz yesterday about a Science news story on Korean cloning fraud Woo Suk Hwang’s efforts for redemption in the scientific community. What was the big deal? It turns out to be a peculiar situation. The Science Hwang piece by Dennis Normile, entitled “After Fraud, Korean Cloner Seeks Redemption”, was eerily similar in general content and tone to a Nature piece on Hwang that ran just one day earlier by David Cyranosky entitled “Cloning Comeback”. Apparently these two reporters were among the special …Read More