May 28, 2020

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Dov Zipori

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STAP Patent. People have been taking a long look over the last 24 hours or so at the STAP stem cell patent application filed by Charles Vacanti, his brother, Obokata, and others. Any reactions? I don’t know much about patents so I’d be curious of your impressions. New STAP paper troubles? I’m hearing through the stem grapevine (take it with a grain of salt?) that Nature‘s investigation into allegations of problems with the STAP Nature papers go beyond the placenta and DNA gel lane image …Read More

3 min read

We know quite a bit more about the Nature papers on stress-induced STAP stem cells than we did just a couple weeks ago when they were published, but there are many crucial outstanding questions too and odd things that remain unresolved. Below are my top STAP stem cell oddities. 10. Dr. Vacanti says that STAP stem cells are probably the same as “spore stem cells”, a controversial possible type of Vacanti lab described ultra-tiny, ultra-tough kind of stem cell in spore-like form that can …Read More

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Today may be a turning point in the STAP stem cell story. Nature itself opened up in a newsy piece about the events that have occurred in the past couple weeks since they published two related papers on acid/other stimulus-induced powerful pluripotent or totipotent stem cells (aka STAP stem cells). Update: Science also published a news piece on STAP. All around the world scientists have been trying to get STAP-like methods to work for the past couple weeks. To help I started a STAP stem …Read More

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I’m tracking opinion in the world of stem cells on STAP stem cells, those acid-induced stem cells reported in Nature. I’m hoping to capture potential dynamic changes in people’s views as the STAP stem cell situation evolves. Even if you’ve voted in my past polls, this is a new one so you can (and please do) vote again in this one based on your current perceptions.

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I’ve been doing polling on people’s views about STAP stem cells. You can see the week 1 poll results here. I’ve just closed the week 2 polling and the results are above. In week 1 while there was a significant split between respondents, the polling leaned clearly toward people being more positive about STAP stem cells. In week 2 polling that lean has largely disappeared leaving an almost perfectly divided response and “on the fence” has risen quite a bit from week 1. It’s …Read More

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It is important for the stem cell field to gain clarity on STAP stem cells. For this reason it is reasonable and at times helpful to critically discuss the data, past findings, concerns about elements of publications, and such. However, it is not helpful and is in fact against the policy of this blog to engage in the comments in personal attacks, whether direct or implied. So I am reminding commenters to adhere to the policy of not engaging in personal attacks as we …Read More