January 24, 2021

The Niche

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Dr. Ernesto Gutiérrez

2 min read

Medical News Today (MNT) published an article yesterday on a stem cell clinic in Mexico that caused a lot of concern because to many of us it came off as unbalanced and even promotional of the clinic. You can read my post from yesterday on this situation. In response, MNT has now revised their piece and included this statement: “When this article was first published on February 24th, we received criticism that it was promoting the World Stem Cells Clinic. Medical News Today always aim to provide balanced, reliable …Read More

4 min read

A new article by Honor Whiteman in Medical News Today (MNT) on a Mexico stem cell clinic really takes the prize so far in 2016 amongst media pieces that engage in stem cell hype. Update; Many on Twitter are calling for retraction of this MNT article. The MNT article entitled “Stem cell therapy: is the US missing a trick?” ends up overall being promotional for a Cancun stem cell clinic that is selling unproven stem cell “treatments” for a host of conditions including for kids …Read More