January 24, 2021

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Dr. Famous

1 min read

I recently did a poll (still running here) about a hypothetical stem cell hotshot called Dr. Famous who might have published a recent paper that was sexy, but crappy. This situation sure rang a bell with a lot of people! In fact, a half dozen people contacted me directly (and privately) to talk about it and indicated they knew who Dr. Famous was in real life. Ironically, all 6 mentioned or hinted at a different person. They apparently did not realize Dr. Famous was …Read More

1 min read

I recently did a post and a poll on whether a blogger scientist should blog about a very weak, but sexy paper from a famous, powerful scientist in the stem cell field whom I called “Dr. Famous”. The poll is still getting a lot of responses so I’m not going to discuss the results yet as it is still ongoing. However, something quite interesting has happened in the mean time that I want to blog about. Six people have privately contacted me assuming (A) …Read More