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TGIF: recommended weekend science reads & a jar full of RNA

August 14, 2015 admin 0

Thought-provoking reading over a beer, glass of wine, or beaker. Two from Alexey Bersenev The future of human limb bioengineering Translating Cell Therapies: Academic versus Industry model CIRM blog: two cool recent posts Specialized Embryonic Stem Cells Yield Insights into X […]

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TGIF: Recommended Science & Medicine Weekend Reads

July 31, 2015 admin 4

With these recommendations I’m aiming for a diverse range of content and perspectives, some of which I may not agree with, but all of which are interesting. Prostate Organoid from Stem Cells. More organoid news. Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow? A […]

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Weekend Reads from a Wild, Fun Week of Science

March 14, 2015 admin 0

You might enjoy the articles below and find they surprise and educate you. Products in the pipeline – Ocata’s RPE by Alexey, a nice update on Ocata. Yes, we are seeing more attacks on academic freedom: guest post by historian of […]