September 29, 2020

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embryonic stem cell

3 min read

Here we go again with people trying to ban funding of embryonic stem cell research. Really? Yes, including according to a new article from the Catholic News Agency. Who is trying to get this ban? Some Republicans in The U.S. Senate. I’ve wondered for years if the Trump Administration might take action against embryonic stem cell research in part because of the views of VP Mike Pence. But for a long time nothing has happened. I don’t know if the senators mentioned in the …Read More

3 min read

I’ve posted before about the propaganda machine that is actively promoting an anti-embryonic stem cell agenda. This machine is still out there and as many of us discussed at the recent World Stem Cell Summit, it seems to be working far better than our efforts to promote our cause. What do the folks on the other side do to so effectively get their message across? Below are my impressions of their top 5 tactics. Every single one of these tactics is a part of …Read More