January 21, 2021

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Ernest McCulloch

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By Samantha Yammine, PhD Candidate in Derek van der Kooy’s lab at the University of Toronto. See tweets live from #TMM2016 via @SamanthaZY here. Last week, 430 Canadian scientists, trainees, industry professionals, science communicators and international guests gathered in the picturesque ski town of Whistler, British Columbia for the annual Till & McCulloch meeting (TMM). This is Canada’s premier conference for stem cell research, which is co-hosted by the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, the Stem Cell Network, and the Ontario Institute for …Read More

8 min read

In the realm of stem cell history, who discovered stem cells? Is it even possible that one scientific team all by themselves discovered something so ubiquitous as stem cells? In theory “yes”, but after much historical research including this great historical article in Cell Stem Cell, I would argue that no one group really discovered stem cells.  (Update: very few posts get me in hot water, but this one did as different folks felt strongly about specific scientists being given credit from scientific history.) Instead I …Read More