January 23, 2021

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fat stem cell clinics

6 min read

Are fat stem cells a drug? Today the FDA definitively indicated “yes” without leaving much of any room for exceptions on this question. This morning the FDA made a major announcement on stem cell policy regarding its current thinking on oversight of regenerative medicine and issued four guidances, including two each in final and in draft form. There will be a 90-day comment period for the latter. Are today’s developments a good thing overall? I’d say “yes”, although there are still some ambiguities and …Read More

6 min read

Right now the FDA has a big fat stem cell conundrum on its hands. The agency is faced with a tough dilemma as how to deal with fat (adipose) stem cell products and the large number of businesses who sell them. Are fat/adipose stem cells a drug or not? If yes, what does the FDA do about the hundreds of clinics currently marketing them without approval? If not, then how does the agency reconcile that with its past statements and even words this year under …Read More

5 min read

Our new paper in the journal Cell Stem Cell on the large stem cell clinic marketplace in the U.S. documented a wide range of different kinds of clinics, stem cells used, and conditions claimed to be treated, but here I want to focus on the fat stem cell clinics in this post. I’m going to try to address one of the major questions I’ve been getting in the last few days since our paper came out: Are some fat stem cell clinics selling unapproved drugs? Fat stem …Read More