October 24, 2020

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FDA L’Oreal

3 min read

L’Oreal/Lancome has been in the business of making money off of stem cells for quite some time now via so-called stem cell facial creams that are expensive and based on dubious claims, and now they are in the stem cells for baldness biz too. Note I have a helpful 2nd post on how stem cells could really actually work to treatment baldness here. Check it out. Update: here’s a newer post from 2019 on stem cells for baldness. The FDA slammed the business just …Read More

2 min read

Stem cell cosmetics is an exploding area ranging from facial creams (e.g. from L’Oreal and its Lancome) to face lifts to boob jobs to baldness treatments (see two key posts here and here for background and great stories). The stem cell cosmetics field has not been held back by issues such as the fact that there is no science behind their expensive creams and treatments or that they do not have FDA approval. Today the FDA gave the stem cell cosmetics field a wake …Read More