January 21, 2021

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gene spill

15 min read

I talked last year about human genetic modification by CRISPR with George Church a year ago. Now we’ve followed up with a long chat on this topic going into much more detail and with questions on recent developments. Each question is listed numerically and then there is a back and forth on that question with George and me before going on to the next question. Frameworks for managing human genetic modification 1. Paul: What do you think of my ABCD plan for handling human germline …Read More

3 min read

New genetic modification technology such as CRISPR-Cas9 has opened the door to transformative biological research, but it has also set the table for some novel kinds of technological problems for which we aren’t at all prepared including one that I call the “gene spill”. The striking potential upsides to CRISPR paired with some of the serious risks such as gene spills leave us with dilemmas over things like gene spills. We want to advance the technology, but how do we lower risks? We should …Read More

3 min read

As I am writing this, a revolution in medicine and science is building up steam around the world called Genomics. Let me clue you in so you do not miss the boat on this dramatic change coming in our lives. Genomics means the study of genomes. A genome is the complete sequence of an organism’s DNA, whether it is a human or pond scum (or even a scummy human). The original sequencing of a human genome took many years and more than $3 billion, but …Read More