January 19, 2021

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Glenn McGee

1 min read

In the comments section of a recent post on adult stem cell treatment safety on this blog, the CEO of RNL Europe, Glenn McGee made the philosophical statement that “silence kills science”. It’s an interesting thought and I think to some extent there is truth in it. Openness, data-sharing, dialogue…these are all good things. In that spirit I invited McGee to do a friendly Q&A interview on my blog to discuss his company RNL Europe. I hope he takes me up on the offer …Read More

4 min read

Recently, there has been a brewing controversy surrounding a journal called American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB), a company called CellTex, a bioethicist named Dr. Glenn McGee who founded and used to run AJOB until he recently resigned, and two University of Minnesota professors, Drs. Carl Elliott and Leigh Turner who have been publicly critical of Celltex and/or McGee. Dr. Elliott wrote a piece in Slate, later retracted, that discussed McGee and Celltex. Dr. Turner, wrote a letter to the FDA describing his concerns about …Read More