November 23, 2020

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GMO book

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Over on Twitter Magdalena Plotczyk (@MPlotczyk) posted a striking photo of an anti-GMO poster from Lausanne, Switzerland. The top part of the poster translates as, “‘After GMO corn, GMO children?’” As readers of this blog know, I do have concerns about the eventual production of genetically modified people using rapidly evolving genetic modification/gene editing technology such as CRISPR. In fact, I’ve written an entire new book on this, GMO Sapiens. I hope you’ll read it. However, as you’ll see in the book, I’m not so concerned about …Read More

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I like Easter eggs, science and writing, and Easter is less than a week away. I also think that games and puzzles as well as contests where there are prizes are fun. In this spirit I’ve hidden a scientific Easter egg inside of my new book, GMO Sapiens. If you are the first to find it and notify me, I will give you a $250 prize. We are talking about a scientific Easter egg. Wikipedia defines this sort of Easter egg this way: “An Easter egg is …Read More

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The New York Times recently asked 6 people what sci-fi movie or novel is most prescient today; in my view it’s GATTACA. The responses ran the gamut: Fahrenheit 451, The Martian, The Fifth Season, The Body Snatchers, Book of the New Sun, and Use of Weapons. To me of those 6, the best case can be made for Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury, who was very good at looking into a crystal ball and being right. The other 5 works, not so much. My answer …Read More

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I’ve written a new book on human genetic modification. This is my second book as the first one was Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, which is currently the top stem cell book on Amazon. The new book is called GMO Sapiens: The Life-Changing Science of Designer Babies.  You can pre-order it here at Amazon or over here at my publisher’s site. The newly updated cover is shown at right. The title was chosen as a portmanteau (mashup) of GMO and Homo sapiens. We’ve been aiming for the book to come out in …Read More