August 7, 2020

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Gordie Howe stem cells

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There was a time I used to watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann on a regular basis and for a few years, I really enjoyed it. After a while I kind of lost interest. Today Olbermann does a sports show on ESPN and it’s just not the same. He also seems like he’s not the same old Olbermann that many of us could appreciate so much in days past. For example he’s been gushing over a non-FDA approved stem cell “treatment” given in Mexico to Mr. …Read More

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I have heard back from Stemedica on some questions I had on their role in the stem cell intervention done on hockey legend Gordie Howe. I heard from Marcie J. Frank, VP at Stemedica for Investor Relations. I want to thank her for answering the questions and doing so so quickly.   Q: Did Stemedica write the Howe family statement or part of it?  A: Stemedica did not write any part of the Howe family statement; that was released by Gordie’s family.  Q: Did Stemedica/Novastem provide free treatment …Read More