January 28, 2021

The Niche

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Harold Varmus

3 min read

The Capitol Times in Wisconsin ran a story just before the primary there on Bernie Sanders on Stem Cells, indicating that has held anti-stem cell research positions. It can sometimes be hard to figure out politicians’ positions on stem cells and what actions they might take. Update: See this poll on what people predicted the Trump administration would do on stem cells (spoiler: many thought there be restrictions). More specifically the Bernie article focuses on statements from former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, a Hillary …Read More

3 min read

Many of us in the scientific community who work on cancer got the message below about the extremely dire state of funding. To the NCI-supported scientific community:   As you have heard and read, the Budget Control Act (aka “sequestration”) has gone into effect as of March 1st.  All components of the NIH, including the NCI, are working diligently to assess the impact of this unprecedented budget reduction on our ability to manage the current research portfolio and to continue to award new and …Read More