September 26, 2020

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Enjoy! A Sunday brunch for the brain of science news, helpful links, and notable new papers including on stem cells. News and links CBER Director Focuses on Flexibility to Advance Regenerative Medicines Lab-Grown Blood Stem Cells Produced at Last Transplanted stem cells become eggs in sterile mice Maryland fund awards $8.5 million for stem cell research Positively good news from Asterias for CIRM-funded stem cell clinical trial for spinal cord injury Sergio Canavero: Will His Head Transplants Roll? Century-old tumours offer rare cancer clues Papers Identification of hair shaft progenitors that …Read More

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Is head transplantation really an option for extending life? What about brain transplants? Immortality has a certain attraction. For thousands of years humans have been obsessed with fighting aging and death. Over the years there have been all sorts of crazy ideas as to finding a ticket to immortality. These have included the fountain of youth, animal stem cell infusions and even human cloning, which some people don’t seem to realize creates a different person. A clone is not another younger you. The specific …Read More