September 24, 2020

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induced pluripotent stem cells

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It is always exciting when a biomedical technology as revolutionary as iPS cells is on the cusp of being used in patients for the first time. In the last few days stories have reported about how a proposed clinical trial based on iPS cells has completed several regulatory steps and is closer to starting. This is exciting, but the trial also has the potential for many risks. Just one risk stems from the fact that how cells behave in mice or other rodents or …Read More

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Now six years into its existence, the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell field is no longer in its infancy to put it mildly but what will it take to get IPS cells to patients? Perhaps one might say that cutting edge new scientific fields advance in dog years. In that way of thinking, the iPS cell field is really middle aged (42 years old). Yet are iPS cells any closer to being used in actual patients to realize the dream of patient specific therapies? …Read More

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Update in 2020: Wow, a lot has changed since this post almost 10 years ago, but Cell Stem Cell remains the main publisher of IPS cell articles still. The young iPSC field has published a truly massive number of papers in just 4 years. Searching ISI Web of Knowledge for papers with titles reflecting iPSC research (not just those that mention iPS cells), we find 424 total iPS cell articles from 2006-present. Interestingly, 32 of them (7.5%) were published in a single journal, Cell …Read More