January 18, 2021

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2 min read

This week the big Winnipeg Free Press story on the Regenetek/Doug Broeska alleged stem cell fraud case broke (covered here on this blog). David Audley was quoted in the story as a Regenetek spokesperson so I asked him for further comment and below is what he emailed me for this post. David Audley: “1. GoodPartners is a consultant to Regenetek, not a partner. We were engaged in December to provide a review of their existing protocol in anticipation of a submission of their study …Read More

4 min read

Who is Doug Broeska and what is Regenetek a Canadian stem cell company doing that is drawing attention of authorities? The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Regenetek faces serious charges related to for-profit stem cell therapies. (Update: a followup story in the Free Press has been published). A very thorough article in the newspaper by Melissa Martin and Mary Agnes Welch reports that a “researcher” at the company named Doug Broeska (picture above from LinkedIn) who ran a stem cell trial for Multiple Sclerosis …Read More