January 21, 2021

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iPS cell papers

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The induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell field has been red hot over the approximately first half dozen years of its existence from 2006-2011. However, as I blogged about here part way through 2012, it was showing signs of cooling off a bit in terms of the shear output of publications. It turns out that now that the year 2012 is basically in the history books from a publications standpoint (there might be a few stray pubs from 2012 still to be added to databases, …Read More

4 min read

What are the most important iPS cell papers so far? 1) Yamanaka’s first paper on mouse iPS cells. Revolutionary. Intriguing perspectives presented in day 1 of the iPS cell field. Interesting statements such as Myc is required. Also take a look at those other reprogramming factors that he tested…there’s a tremendous amount there, largely unexamined. This paper is an order of magnitude more important than any other in the iPS cell area. Read it carefully. Think. 2) Hal Weintraub’s first paper reporting the existence …Read More

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Update in 2020: Wow, a lot has changed since this post almost 10 years ago, but Cell Stem Cell remains the main publisher of IPS cell articles still. The young iPSC field has published a truly massive number of papers in just 4 years. Searching ISI Web of Knowledge for papers with titles reflecting iPSC research (not just those that mention iPS cells), we find 424 total iPS cell articles from 2006-present. Interestingly, 32 of them (7.5%) were published in a single journal, Cell …Read More