January 18, 2021

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IPS cell tumorigenicity

2 min read

A cool new paper is out in Stem Cell Reports describing long-term tumorigenicity of human induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC or IPS cells). See graphical abstract. The potential tumorigenicity of IPSC is a major concern when teams around the world are translating IPSC technology to the bedside. Past studies including one from my own lab have shown that there are some parallels between cellular reprogramming to make IPSC and tumorigenicity. MYC has often been viewed as the likely culprit but this paper expands the potentially …Read More

3 min read

If IPS cells are not ready for prime time, it is probably due to these three critical challenges for these amazing cells. TUMORIGENICITY Those of us who work with IPS cells are very excited about their potential for use in regenerative medicine therapies. One serious hurdle we have talked about in the past is tumorigenicity. COST Another hurdle that is far less discussed, but is equally critical, is the potential cost of IPS cell based therapies. The therapeutic advantage of IPS cells over ESC …Read More