January 18, 2021

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iPS cells Hongkui Deng

2 min read

I recently did a poll on people’s reactions to the new paper reporting use an all-chemical approach to making iPS cells through cellular reprogramming. I got a good number of responses relatively quickly. The results so far suggest that by far most people think it is too soon to know the importance of this new report. However, of those willing to voice a more clear cut opinion at this early stage, far more were leaning towards the positive. In fact, the 2nd most common …Read More

1 min read

How important is the new development of all chemical reprogramming to make iPS cells? The group led by Hongkui Deng at Peking University in Beijing reported in Science that they used 7 chemicals to make what appear to be mouse iPS cells. I’m hearing a wide range of opinions directly from people in the know. What’s your take on the impact of this finding? Please take our poll.