January 16, 2021

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ISSCR Vancouver

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You can listen to my co-author Leigh Turner’s interview on Science Friday here about our Cell Stem Cell paper on the stem cell clinic industry in the U.S. Start listening around the 8:30 mark. It’s great that this paper has so strongly raised awareness about the booming stem cell clinic industry in America as well as the urgent need for much more open and active discussion of the serious issues that this reality raises on a number of levels. You can follow Leigh on …Read More

4 min read

I’ve really enjoyed day 2 of ISSCR 2014. So far this day has already packed in a slew of great talks both in the lecture halls and outside one-on-one with old friends and new ones. How great is that? I’ll focus on just a few highlights to keep it concise. Dubious stem cell clinics and the FDA: a match not made in heaven? The ISSCR conference day started off a session entitled “Therapies in the Clinic” and my colleague Leigh Turner kicked things off with a …Read More

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I took a chance today to walk around Vancouver a bit while visiting ISSCR 2014 and got a few fun photos with my iPhone. Vancouver is a very cool city with pretty nature, diverse people, and lots of art. Next to the Convention Center is a great view and a big ship. And this building speaks (or writes)….the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street. the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street. the …Read More

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This morning at ISSCR 2014 in Vancouver things kicked off in an exciting way, kind of akin to a World Cup soccer/football match for fans of stem cells. Azim Surani (pictured at right) received the McEwen Award for his innovative research on germ cell fate and epigenetic control mechanisms. It was great to see Paolo Bianco, Elena Cattaneo, and Michele De Luca receive the ISSCR 2014 Public Service Award for their efforts in Italy to protect patients from the Stamina Foundation (for more that threat to …Read More