January 25, 2021

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jumping oak gall

2 min read

I’ve been gardening since I was a kid and I guess I’ve been a scientist that long too so now it’s time for another installment of “scientist in the garden.” You can see past such posts here, which usually include various cool photos.  Today’s post is focused on unusual things in the garden. Getting out in the dirt is a good place to experiment with growing all kinds of unusual things. Arguably the most scientific looking plant is broccoli romanesco, which I’ve grown successfully …Read More

3 min read

I was walking my dog Elvis with my daughter Julie on Sunday and as we have in the past, we came across something very science-y. (note you might enjoy my Scientist in the Garden series.) At the dog park where Elvis likes to play and hunt for rodents in the nearby bushes, there were millions (literally) of tiny sphere-like objects bouncing around on the ground. Jumping Jehoshaphat! See video above. The tiny balls bouncing all around us was like something out of a movie …Read More