January 27, 2021

The Niche

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Keith Yamamoto

4 min read

A team led by Shinya Yamanaka has published a new study reporting analysis of defective induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in the journal PNAS. Part of what I liked so much about this paper is that it tackled a very real, but controversial area of stem cell research. By this I mean the reality that a significant number of iPS cell lines are not always entirely identical to embryonic stem cells and some, a minority, have important defects. My own lab reported on another part …Read More

3 min read

Who might make a fantastic new CIRM President? The California stem cell community is abuzz with this question. This new President will not only lead CIRM today, but also in all likelihood will steer CIRM in its new incarnation after 2017, what I’ve called CIRM 2.0. At least that would be ideal. CIRM has posted a position/candidate specification document here including a summary of the position that includes this statement: The President of CIRM must be a nationally recognized leader with a vision, scientific credibility, and …Read More