November 30, 2020

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Lauren Miller CIRM

2 min read

Should California’s Stem Cell Agency, more widely known as CIRM, get another round of funding from us California voters? I believe the answer is yes and I endorse Proposition 14, which would provide the funding for CIRM to translate dozens of clinical trials into some proven new stem cell-based treatments in the coming decade. However, my just saying that as a stem cell scientist doesn’t necessarily have the same resonance as other approaches like a funny new video starring a stem cell who pitches …Read More

4 min read

The California Stem Cell Agency, CIRM, has a new board member. Actress, writer, and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) advocate Lauren Miller recently joined the ICOC Board of CIRM via an appointment by Governor Jerry Brown. Miller and her husband, Seth Rogen, have both been active as AD advocates and formed an amazing organization to boost AD awareness, called Hilarity for Charity. I invited Miller to do an interview here and she kindly accepted. Paul: Your life has been touched multiple times by Alzheimer’s Disease. What …Read More