September 19, 2020

The Niche

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Leigh Turner

4 min read

I am often critical of for-profit stem cell clinics on this blog for numerous reasons. For instance, one thing that concerns me greatly about these clinics is that they charge patients to get experimental “treatments” that have not been proven to be safe or effective. But as some patients have pointed out to me over the years, certain FDA-approved stem cell clinical trials also charge patients to receive unproven stem cell therapies. Should someone (even if that someone is an academic clinical researcher) be able …Read More

2 min read

There’s been an interesting and diverse discussion going on here on this blog lately related to some stem cell translational things including a stem cell clinic operating in Sacramento (see 50+ comments on that post) and then more recently on a new paper from the Centeno clinic. [email protected] Did most (or all) participants in this study pay out-of-pocket for their stem cell interventions? Did $ go to any authors? — Leigh Turner (@LeighGTurner) April 12, 2016 Over on Twitter, Leigh Turner raised the valid point that …Read More

5 min read

For years I have been working to educate the community about the predatory stem cell clinics out there. These clinics prey on vulnerable patients and their families. The clinics use hope as a marketing tool. A weapon. As the number of such clinics has mushroomed in the US and elsewhere the risk to both patients and to the larger stem cell community proportionately rises too. We are in a situation today where the dangers from such clinics have never been higher. They are making …Read More

4 min read

What should the stem cell field try to do about cowboy stem cell clinics? By this term I mean those that don’t follow the rules. They shoot stem cells into customers first and ask questions later. I’ve interacted with many patients over the years who are interested in stem cells. This interaction is growing much more frequent. I enjoy interacting with them and have learned a lot this way, but I am often faced with dilemmas. These patients may be facing fatal illnesses or …Read More