November 30, 2020

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list of stem cell journals

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The list of stem cell journals seems to grow longer every day. In fact, the list is so long and some of the names kind of funny that it inspires coming up with a slew of satirical and nonsensical stem cell journals. I’m betting that some of these (the ones listed first) may be thought up independently by people to try to turn into real journals. Some of these pseudo-journals have popped unjust  in 2014, which are shown in green.   The Nonsensical Stem Cell Journals List Could …Read More

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Recently I posted a piece on a list of stem cell journals that is growing longer by the day. Below for fun I’ve made up some new names of stem cell journals possibly of the future. I’ve also in some cases included commentary. I have a feeling that some of these may become real in coming years and have indicated those first…. so some may not be so phony in the future. I listed some other possible stem cell journal titles just for fun. Any other …Read More

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I did a poll (below) on the best stem cell journals overall and the results of our readers were overwhelming. They loved this poll. Also as an update in 2020, you might find this more recent post on the “best” stem cell journals to be of interest. What is the best stem cell journal? What are the top 10? Cell Stem Cell was named “Best Stem Cell Journal” by a more two-to-one margin over its nearest competitor Nature. A surprise for me is that …Read More