January 28, 2021

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Stem cells to cure baldness? I get asked all kinds of questions as a blogging professor including about the use of stem cells for cloning of humans, sexual enhancement of some kind (see posts here and here) and even that question above about stem cells to cure baldness. Many want to know if a real baldness treatment is coming based on stem cells. Every few years I do an update on that topic and that’s the focus of today’s post. You can see my past posts on this topic here and …Read More

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The FDA continues to be very active with warning letters against makers of stem cell cosmetics even as it has been relatively dormant on stem cell clinics. You can read past posts on the long series of warning letters to manufacturers of stem cell cosmetic cream. Three new warning letters to stem cell cream makers popped up on the FDA site recently to makers Lavian Ltd, Sircuit Skin, and Annemarie Gianni Skin Care LLC. Lavian markets something called Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator, which the …Read More

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The FDA has issued a warning letter to Cell Vitals, a company that manufactures and sells stem cell facial creams. Cell Vitals is apparently owned by Irene Hardy according to the letter and the business has an address in Irvine, CA. A screenshot from their website is shown below. The stem cell creams sold by Cell Vitals are called “ReLuma Advanced Stem Cell Facial Moisturizer”, “ReLuma Skin Illuminating Stem Cell Anti-Aging Cleanser”, and “ReLuma Stem Cell Eye Cream”. The creams, listed on the skin care webpage of the company, …Read More

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I’m doing a poll on the strangest stem cell-related event of the year in 2012. The results are in and people seem to think all the candidate strange events were indeed odd, but the strangest of all was deemed the Japanese scientist Moriguchi faking that he had done iPS cell transplants on humans, a story picked up by the largest newspaper in the world as a front page story. Lord knows what strangeness awaits us in the stem cell world in 2013! Stay tuned …Read More

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Every year around this time I put my “best of” the year in stem cells including awards such as my Stem Cell Person of the Year Award. For example here are the 2011 awards. This year I’m also trying with difficult to decide on what was the craziest thing for stem cells that happened in 2012. It was a freakin’ crazy year so I have 4 options and am curious of your thoughts so take the poll below if you want. Here are my …Read More