January 28, 2021

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Mark Kirk

3 min read

The REGROW Act is a bill that seeks to lessen the regulatory burden to accelerate getting stem cells to patients more quickly, but it over-reaches so much that it would almost certainly do harm to patients and maybe to the stem cell field as a whole. The REGROW Act, which is sponsored by Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, has had several incarnations, but the latest new one reflects some big changes so I’m going to call it REGROW 2.0. A source provided me with a …Read More

2 min read

I just heard some very good news on the regenerative medicine front. US Senators Barbara Boxer and Mark Kirk today introduced The Regenerative Medicine Promotion Act, which would keep track of and promote regenerative medicine efforts. This is really exciting and provides hope. One of the neat things about this news is that Boxer is a California Democrat, while Kirk is an Illinois Republican so this is fantastic bipartisanship. On Boxer’s website there are some quotes that resonated strongly with me from the two …Read More