November 30, 2020

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MS stem cells

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be an extremely debilitating disease that ultimately is fatal in some patients and reduces life expectancy and quality overall substantially. An MS patient named Caroline Wyatt, who works at the BBC, had the courage to open up in full detail on the BBC about having MS, her experience getting an experimental treatment of stem cells in Mexico, and how she is doing now. It’s a powerful new piece that brings home the complexities of having MS and of getting this hopeful, …Read More

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Here are some headlines & articles worth a look and some thought on stem cell and biomedical science more generally. Gallup finds in a new poll that 60% of Americans surveyed find human embryonic stem celsl research “largely acceptable”. On the other hand human reproductive cloning is highly frowned upon, sandwiched in the “highly unacceptable category between suicide, polygamy, and infidelity. Notably, even cloning of animals was viewed pretty negatively. Time Magazine’s piece Friday on Gordie Howe, who just passed away, and his controversial …Read More

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Here are some recent stem cell headlines. It was a busy week. The linked phrases in blue were the actual headlines from the media. ViaCyte Excites. A Pancreas in a Capsule Stem cells for malaria? (see video) Stem cells offer promising key to new malaria drugs: US research STAP Finally Snaps? Only moot penalties? RIKEN announces penalties related to stem cell fiasco Gordie Howe’s miracle challenged. The stem–cell ‘miracle’ is anecdotal Breast augmentation for the rich and famous through unapproved stem cell biological drugs? ‘Dr. 90210’ Robert Rey — Now Making Bigger Boobs … Using Stem …Read More

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This week the big Winnipeg Free Press story on the Regenetek/Doug Broeska alleged stem cell fraud case broke (covered here on this blog). David Audley was quoted in the story as a Regenetek spokesperson so I asked him for further comment and below is what he emailed me for this post. David Audley: “1. GoodPartners is a consultant to Regenetek, not a partner. We were engaged in December to provide a review of their existing protocol in anticipation of a submission of their study …Read More