January 27, 2021

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myostatin genetic modification

1 min read

The myostatin gene has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. The buzz surrounds the idea of inhibiting myostatin either through gene therapy or via germline human genetic modification. In this way, some hope to create people with more muscle. Myostatin, which also goes by the acronym MSTN, has an inhibitory function on muscle. Inhibit and inhibitor of muscle and you should get more muscle, right? Data backs it up. Animals including humans with spontaneous mutations in myostatin have unusual musculature including increases in …Read More

3 min read

CRISPR-ful Noah’s Ark? Even as much of the discussion surrounding powerful new gene editing and cloning technologies has centered on their possible use in humans, the creation of genetically modified (GM) and cloned animals has advanced at warp speed. Some of these efforts have been for research, which is justified. But many seem profit-centered and the GMOs are intended to be products for sale as pets. Is this Noah’s ark of GM and cloned animals for pets a good idea? The new generation of …Read More