January 18, 2021

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Natalie deWitt

2 min read

When I first started blogging here about stem cells in 2010, frankly it felt pretty lonely out there in cyberspace. Nature‘s great blog by Monya Baker and Natalie DeWitt on stem cells had called it quits late in 2009. For the most part the stem cell blogs and other Internet outlets present early in 2010 were either anti-embryonic stem cell sites or a few predatory stem cell clinic sites. Now there are more stem cell blogs out there. It’s a welcome change. People interested …Read More

1 min read

After 5 plus years as “Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog”, we are now going by a new, broader name for the blog, The Niche. The Niche name better represents the sense that this site is a home and community including contributions by other writers and also commenters. I’m still working on a logo for The Niche. As The Niche continues to evolve look for it to include a wider range of contributors. As you may have noticed we have an increasing number of posts …Read More

2 min read

Occasionally I call out a particularly important comment by a reader on a major issue and today it is commenter Natalie DeWitt (see my earlier interview with her about her experiences at Nature’s The Niche) who has contributed a particularly insightful, knowledgable comment on my recent perspective piece the Cell cloning paper mishap. Many in the stem cell field and beyond have been unsure how to take the news of the problems with the Mitalipov cloning paper in Cell. Are these issues a big deal …Read More