January 21, 2021

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2 min read

I have been corresponding now and then with Dr. Teru Wakayama about the ongoing STAP situation. He asked me to pass along the following message from him for clarification on the STAP Nature paper retraction and the origin of the STAP stem cells (STAP-SC). I would like to take this opportunity to explain the reason for certain differences between the retraction statement in the published paper version of Nature Magazine and the online version of the STAP paper retraction, specifically related to reason No. (5) which …Read More

3 min read

I asked Nature a half dozen questions about their editorial process. While they declined to answer any direct questions about the STAP cell paper situation, I thank them for answering these questions via a Nature spokesperson. The end result is an intriguing glimpse inside the editorial/review process at Nature. 1. Does Nature have any kind of automated (or human-based) system for checking submitted or accepted manuscripts for plagiarism? If so, when was this system instituted? If not, why not? Nature uses plagiarism software (the CrossCheck …Read More

1 min read

I’ve been doing a weekly-ish poll on people’s sentiments about STAP cells. It’s not scientific but many people have told me they find it interesting. Week 4’s poll is done with more than 500 votes and it is even more discouraging than week 3. See the purple line in the graph as that is the latest polling. The question is “Do you believe in STAP stem cells?” and the answers range from 100% NO to 100% YES with a few in between answers. “CLOSE” …Read More

5 min read

I asked Dr. Teruhiko Wakayama, who goes by Teru to those who know him, if he would be willing to do a Q&A on the STAP stem cell situation. Teru was senior author on the STAP stem cell Nature letter on chimerism, but was not a senior (note this is a correction from an earlier version of this post) author on the other STAP paper, the Nature article on the production of STAP stem cells. Teru kindly agreed to my invitation. He responded straightforwardly to what I thought …Read More