September 27, 2020

The Niche

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Are MUSE cells for real? Stem cells come in different types that vary in a key property called “potency”, but very few are pluripotent. The more potency, the greater the flexibility of a stem cell to make other cell types. Flexibility in the cellular world is power. The most powerful stem cells generally used are called “pluripotent”, which refers to a special kind of stem cell that can make all 200+ other types of cells in the body through differentiation. Pluripotent stem cells are hard …Read More

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The Catholic Church has long opposed embryonic stem cell research even as it has shown signs of getting more interested in adult stem cell research. I am an advocate of both types of research and both go on in my own lab. Now that we will have a new Pope this year, I wonder how this new leader of the Catholic Church might impact stem cell research? Naively, one might say that the new Pope could be less polarizing on stem cell research, but …Read More

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I recently did a Q&A interview with NeoStem CEO Dr. Robin Smith. I posted Part 1 of that interview a few days ago here. Now we have part two focused on VSEL, ES cells, and iPS cells. PK: I frequently have readers of my blog ask questions about VSEL. They seem puzzled and unsure of what to think about these cells and their potential clinical use. Can you tell us in a nutshell what they are, why NeoStem is making such a big bet …Read More

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I recently met the CEO of NeoStem, Dr. Robin Smith, at the 2012 World Stem Cell Summit in Florida. We had a great talk and I invited Dr. Smith to do an interview for my blog. She agreed and has provided very frank answers to my questions, some of which I think were very difficult questions. I want to thank Dr. Smith for participating in this interview and providing such detailed, frank answers. Today’s post is Part 1 of two of this interview. In …Read More