July 13, 2020

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non-compliant stem cell clinics

6 min read

New ISSCR President, Dr. Janet Rossant, kindly agreed to do an interview with me focused on the future of ISSCR, her plans for her tenure, and some key issues in the field. Dr. Rossant is Chief of Research at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. 1. The stem cell arena is a very rapidly changing one on many levels. As President how do you see ISSCR changing and evolving in the coming  year to effectively deal with critical emerging issues? Rossant: Stem cell research is indeed …Read More

2 min read

Would you want a GI specialist doing your heart surgery? How about a radiologist doing your brain surgery? I wouldn’t. So why then do so many patients accept that the doctor doing their stem cell transplant has no training in that area? I’m doing a series on eight simple reasons not to get an unlicensed stem cell treatment. Up to this point, I’ve covered four important reasons to pause before getting such a treatment: potential loss of insurance coverage for negative outcomes that could cost hundreds …Read More