September 20, 2020

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Tonight, President Obama will give his “State of the Union” annual address on how our country is doing. I’m guessing he will say the state of the union is positive, but with challenges. What is the state of the union for stem cells in America today? Overall I think it’s extremely encouraging and the field has great momentum in 2014. Of course there are challenges too and big risks. On the positive side, there have never been more stem cell clinical trials underway than …Read More

3 min read

On November 18 in Washington, D.C. the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Sciences will hold a workshop on stem cell therapies. The meeting  (agenda here) is also co-sponsored by ISSCR. I have some major concerns about this meeting. In principle and in a general sense, I believe this is the kind of meeting and discussion that we need to have in the stem cell field, but unfortunately the way this meeting has been organized is very problematic. The meeting gets into potential quicksand …Read More

2 min read

Would you want a GI specialist doing your heart surgery? How about a radiologist doing your brain surgery? I wouldn’t. So why then do so many patients accept that the doctor doing their stem cell transplant has no training in that area? I’m doing a series on eight simple reasons not to get an unlicensed stem cell treatment. Up to this point, I’ve covered four important reasons to pause before getting such a treatment: potential loss of insurance coverage for negative outcomes that could cost hundreds …Read More