July 6, 2020

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post-publication review

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A heated series of discussions on stem cell publications is ongoing on the Post-publication review (post-pub) website, PubPeer, which has been called by a PubPeer user “The stem cell shoot out“. This “shoot out” goes well beyond the one page on PubPeer. It is notable to see that the authors of the papers that are the focus of these interactions, often prominent stem cell scientists, are now sometimes participating in the discussions by leaving comments themselves on PubPeer. For instance, Austin smith has commented on PubPeer regarding ground …Read More

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I recently started a poll on this blog asking for people’s views of post-publication (post-pub) review. Post-pub review includes a wide range of formats of reviews of scientific publications that occurs, as the name suggests, happens after the paper in question is published. In contrast, of course, peer review of papers happens before publication. Post-pub review is becoming increasingly common today in science, but it is so new that there is a range of views on it. I wanted to sample people’s views of it …Read More

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Post-publication (post-pub) review is one of the hottest topics in science today. Post-pub review means review of the scientific literature after papers come out. Post-pub review can take place on websites dedicated to it such as F1000 or PubPeer as well as on various blogs and even via comments on PubMed. In our first poll, please indicate your view on post-pub review. Then if you generally have a positive view of it, please indicate the main reason in the 2nd poll. Or if you generally have …Read More

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Post-publication (post-pub) review is arguably one of the most innovative developments in scientific publishing in the past few years. An illustration of the widespread influence of post-pub review is the fact that PubMed recently started allowing readers to post comments about any paper.  Post-pub review drove the rapid debunking of the now retracted STAP papers. Post-pub review, which comes in two main forms (anonymous and non-anonymous), is a powerful phenomenon manifesting on a number of websites and blogs including one called PubPeer, which has rapidly grown …Read More