January 25, 2021

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¿Qué nos depara el futuro y cómo podría cambiar la atención mėdica si se incorporan las células madre en la terapia cotidiana?

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Today’s post lists the best stem cell blogs and more generally the top biology blogs as well as websites. Making lists of “the best” of anything is fun yet tricky. However, I feel that it can also serve a purpose as a resource. You might also enjoy these other “top” lists I’ve done including List of 50 stem cell influencers on Twitter to follow in 2019, a list of top stem cell journals, and for fun, Elephant in the lab series: top list of science excuses. Blog-o-rama …Read More

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Does a new lawsuit including Cell Surgical Network and its leadership as defendants pose a broad test to this entire chain of stem cell clinics, which may be the largest such affiliated clinic group in the U.S. and potentially even in the world? Will lawsuits substantially impact stem cell clinics? Lawsuits against unproven, for-profit stem cell clinics seem to be growing in numbers the last few years. Some of us have been speculating on the potential impact of such lawsuits as I’ve written here and …Read More

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¿Qué son las células madre? (2020 update: note that this post is part of our stem cells not lost in translation project: please see here for 33 other languages.) El cuerpo humano contiene cientos de diferentes tipos de células que son importantes para nuestra salud diaria. Estas células son responsables de mantener nuestros cuerpos en funcionamiento cada día, para hacer que nuestro corazón lata, que nuestro cerebro piense, que nuestros riñones limpien la sangre, para reemplazar las células de nuestra piel a medida que …Read More